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HIV Transmission using which seemed an intact condom

I have wrote earlier that i have decided to move on and it was going ok with me until today - where my fears came back and would love your support on that.

My risk is protected oral and vaginal sex with a CSW

I have read for hours that this puts me at no risk of contracting HIV but I would love it if someone could answer / help in my questions below:

1. I used the same condom for very brief oral (30 Sec) and vaginal sex (1 Min) - i am scared that during the oral some malfunction happened to the condom before the vaginal sex. Again i will have to stress that the condom did not fail as i have read it is really obvious if it did - plus i ejaculated outside after 6 strokes max and things where pretty clear - Am I over thinking here?

2. I got a condom and punctured it with a needle as a test - and then masturbated - the condom held through and did not break - does this mean that condoms might have holes that we cannot see and still have sex without it breaking. During my sexual exposure am scared that during oral she might have bit the condom and create a hole which did not result in a condom failure during my brief vaginal sex !!! i am scared now - any comments or help on this would be very reassuring

3. 3 to 4 days after exposure i have had a flu - runny nose, sore throat, night sweats (plenty), and canker sores in my mouth - 3days after (till today) i developed a dry cough and short breathness and went to doctor who gave me some antibiotics and cough syrup (Feeling better now) - too early for ARS right?

4. I don't want to lose lots of sleep over this as i have lots of work and a life ahead of me - will a PCR test be conclusive at 11 days of exposure? shall i do it and feel better now or wait till 6 weeks and have my first antibody test - i am not sure we have a duo test in my country but am sure we have a 3rd gen test

your help is highly appreciated
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Why are you wasting you time on this buddy? You didnt have a risk, i mean im sure you have read every thread in every forum, many like your own so why cannot simple facts help you??
Is it Guilt i wonder?? because its certainly not HIV is any way or form.

I dont know if you have mental health issues, but if you continue to feel this way about it, then go and get some help from your doctor and mental health professtional, and i wouldnt sleep with swe workers again, i dont belibe your mature enough or have the mental responsiblilty to cope with it.

You really need to STOP thinking, and sit down and take a deep breath and just use some logic about the situation. HIV comes fromk unprotected sex, you didnt have that. You condom was fine so no risk, its also bery unlikley she even had HIV, so put this alll togther its impossible for you to get hiv.. its that simple buddy.

Please if your brain cannot understand this, or your anixity has got the better of you, then seak help for you mental condition..
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