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For all people suffering and don't know what are there problem since last sexual exposure am talking about people with mild symptoms and no doctor could diagnose, some of them have been told they have anxiety and some are keeping testing for different things and still believe in their selves i wanna share this with you guys so u know that  you are not alone its been almost year since that damn night that changed my life , i had sex with a CSW and in one week every thing  stat to change and those are my symptoms :

1) Oral trush on my tongue with red spots
2) Enlargement painful lymph node in armpit , nick and groin area   (CT scan proved )
3) Skin rashes on the chest and behind my ears
4) fatigue
5) muscle pain
6) Dry mouth, Oral ulcers
7)  stomach ache
8) abdominal pain
9) chest pain
10) shortness of breathing
11) night swets on the beginning of the illness
12) CD 8 is higher than CD 4  and there ratio is under one while it should be above

and there other symptoms but there are the big ones that became a night mare that am 24/7 suffering of .
100 tests including all STD’s , lymph biopsy , colons copy, and they are scheduling a bone morrow biopsy and an endoscopy and still nothing appeared .. some doctors says it might be a new thing and some says that they might miss something and others got bored and asked me to take pain killers maybe my symptoms will get better by it self  by the time !!!!

what i want to say that a lot of people hear have the same symptoms cause i saw some questions and they have no answers i need them to keep searching and to know that they are not alone and to not lesson to stupid people talking about anxiety or any thing like this cause one day when this is going to be figure out every one of those is going to shut up,,
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Every day I got new messages and new cases here and in other website, our number is getting bigger and together we could do something !

We are not alone ! I read some cases back from 1992 with no answers but with new technologies and better ways of communication between patients we can achieve a lot !

Ideas of what could cause our illness would be discussed in our group with ideas from patients in different countries so who see him self in the same category with us can join us in :

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