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HIV or Health Anxiety


I did some mistakes recently by having sex with 3 differents CSW, all the intercourses were condom protected and no breakage or slips but on the last one the women had her period and I had blood on scrotum and that makes me freaking out and the internet didn't help. I've read forums saying there is a risk of getting infected with HIV.

Thr HIV support forum told me I had no risk as the condom didn't fail but somehow, I'm having a hard time to believe and every single change in my body makes me freaking out.

Recently I convinced myself that I wasn't in risk of getting HIV so, I went on the internet seeing what can cause the symptoms that I'm having and I saw cancer, autoimmune deasease and every kind of really bad deasease. That gave me a huge panic attack.

So, I realize that I may be suffering of Health Anxiety.

Can someone here tell me how to manage that? It would be really appreciated.

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