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Hiv anxiety

Hello everyone. I had a exposure from a hiv positive male. He performed unprotected oral  on me. We then  decided to use a condom for the continuation of him performing oral sex on me. I also had brief penetration sex. I was the insertive partner. I checked the condom and there was no visible breakage. Later I decided to put water  in the condom  to make sure it wasn’t any leakage and that’s when I seen water coming out from the side in a small dribble about the resivoir tip.maybe an inch above  the resivoir tip but on the left side of the condom. it wasnt a bad leak but it still was a leak as I filled the condom multiple times and  it still came out from the side but the rest of the condom was still in tact. The the resivoir tip was still intact holding the water. I went and got on pep 38!hours later.  I keep reading that people say condoms don’t develop small size holes and that I wasn’t at risk bc the resivoir tip of the condom didn’t break but I am having anxiety about this bc some say it still was a chance and others says it wasn’t bc it wasn’t a sufficient way for hiv to enter. I’m scared bc the person was positive. Can anyone give me any feedback about my risk. This encounter happened 17 days ago. I also had a few symptoms but they only lasted for a some hours. Can anyone give me some advice or feedback please
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