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I'm convinced I'm seroconverting

9 days ago I penetrated an HIV undetectable guy (he said he's been undetectable for a few years now) without protection. I considered getting PEP at the time, and even took a pill of left over truvada I had in order to give me an early as possible start. However I then found out that in the UK they don't give PEP for exposures with undetectable people, and I reminded myself that the PARTNER study and various others show that the risk of an undetectable person passing it on is either impossible or infinitesimally small as there have been zero transmissions.

However 6 days after exposure I started feeling lethargic and by the 8th day (yesterday) I felt bad nausea in the evening and flushed as well. I had a very restless night but today I feel a bit better but still very fatigued and weak and don't feel like doing anything. I'm convinced this must be seroconversion/ARS as I doubt it could be a normal bug and the weather has been so good where I am and I have been at home in the couple days leading up to this, I just feel it would be a huge coincidence that I got a bug in the same time frame of this exposure. My throat also has been a bit sore on and off when swallowing but it has been like this for a few days prior to even having the encounter, so I am sure that is unrelated.

I've done a load of research online and it says with 4th generation tests, they can detect the p24 antigen after 2-3 weeks of exposure, so following the 3rd week I am going to try to find a rapid test that is 4th generation so I can find out my status immediately, as I am too anxious to have to wait for weeks to be tested, and then have to wait even longer for my results to be processed and fed back to me.
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