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Lymh nodes anxiety

Hi joggen can u explain plz!!!!!!!!!!

Its not that difficult to see or to feel the swollen lymph nodes. when i went to my doc i was 90% sure it was a lymph nodes in my neck. and my doc confirm it.

but what he told me that hiv lymph nodes are generalized not only in the neck.
and its quite large with hiv and mine is small less than 1cm.

but what makes the anxiety is My doc said that my lymph nodes is unspecific. So how can i live or continue my life with unspecifec answer?????????????????????????????????????????????

And to add more anxiety that i have read many cases of newly diagnosed hiv that they had lymph nodes in the neck only, which is not generalized
So its what i understand that its diffrent from person to person.

plus , some persons will have painless nodes and other its painfull,
plus, some ppl wil have nodes with classic ARS , and others no only swollen nodes.
plus, many ppl will experiance the nodes 2-4 weeks post exposure and in rare cases it may appear at 3 months(12 weeks).

How we can continnue our life with a non specifec anserwrs, FROM HERE IS COMING THE ANXIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finaly, Some doctors will say 3 month test is conclusive and others say six months. also no specific answer

I have one doctor internist he told me ONE YEAR is the final test. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD ,

Whome to pelieve!!!!!!!!!!
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And how come 5 internist doc of mine they dont know the reason for my nodes?
I did all viral serology test. Tb xray, ultrasound............etc.

So that my only choice is to keep on testing testing....etc

I'm now in my 23 weeks an still  NEGATIVE thanks GOD i love u so much.
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A lymph node swells when the immune system detects an invader in the tissue that the lymph node drains. Your body is constantly being exposed to a myriad of microorganisms that can trigger such an immune response. It is impossible for a medical doctor to be able to tell what agent is causing is your lymph nodes to swell.

All lymph node swelling really means is that your immune system is working properly. It is nothing at all to be concerned about and your fixation with them is completely misspent energy. Your lymph nodes may be swollen due to a respiratory virus, and infected tooth, or any number of causes.

For the reasons stated, lymph nodes are completely useless in determining one's HIV status.

You are clearly stoking your anxiety by trying to diagnose yourself through internet 'research', just like 99% of the other worried wells who come to MedHelp's HIV forums.  If you make a conscience decision to stop reading about lymph nodes and HIV then your problem will eventually go away.
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