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Neck, shoulder pain

My risk happened a few years ago. I received unprotected oral sex from a woman in an adult bookstore after she performed on other men.
I am very concerned that i could have been infected from other mens infected semen in her mouth.
I took a antibody test at a lab at 6.5 weeks which came back negative. I also took a rapid test at an urban center at 7 months that came back negative. The test was done by a volunteer and shortly after it closed down due to lack of funds which makes me question the reliability of the test.
I tried my best to believe the test but ongoing symptoms are bothersome.  Over the past couple of years i have lost weight and I have chronic soreness in my shoulders, upper back, and neck.
I am concerned that the soreness is from lymph nodes.
I would like some thoughts on this please. Are these typical symptoms of HIV that occur a couple of years after infection? Do you recommend that I retest?
Thank you all in advance!
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Thank buddy
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Hiya, sorry i didnt think their was anything that needed adding from the other community post you did.

HIv is not passed on via oral sex. I know your concern is symptoms alone but they will never tell you your HIV status. You tested and they were negative which proved your status as negative. The tests were fine. Even if you did have HIV you would not get symptoms of a sore neck and shoulders. More than likley they are stress related or from many other things and i say this from personal experience tbh... Having some phyiso will certainly help for sure or of course going to a doctor as well

As for testing, HIV certianly not your negative that im 100% sure about, if you havnt then testing for std's would be recommended.

Hope that helps buddy
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No thoughs?
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