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Panic stages

Had unprotected oral with a guy 10 days ago... all STD tests ok no HIV yet.....
Woke in a sweat this morning - new cold sore  had funny throat feeling for a week not sore just aware(get them from time to time) now had diarroea feeling hot!!! keep looking for rashes.

am I reading too much into it and all the symptoms are nerves!!!

Advice gratefully received
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In the future, please keep all of your comments in one thread. I have deleted your other post entitled "Additional Info", which I read and considered before responding below.

Acute HIV infection does not produce the symptoms that you describe. And since you were never at risk, any symptoms that you experience cannot be due to HIV, even if you go on to experience classic ARS symptoms (which are usually caused by something other than HIV anyway). You are wasting your time and energy trying to figure out if you have HIV by monitoring yourself for symptoms. It doesn't work that way.

Best thing you can do to ease your mind is have an HIV test. Not because you are at risk, but because you will most likely continue to ruminate on your status until you have definite proof that you were not infected. My advice for you is to contact your STD clinic and ask them when is the earliest that you can test for HIV, and in the meantime, try to get your mind off the subject (e.g. avoid the temptation to google symptoms and read HIV forums).
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Thanks for your reply.. I guess  the "symptoms" I'm having are all classic anxiety symptoms or coincidence or life. Maybe even the result of a very active imagination. Your advice of not googling symptoms is extremely sound... How many times have we googled symptoms only to find that with those symptoms we shold actually either be dead or have a disease not seen since the middle ages.

Thanks again for your wise advice.
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