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Possible infection in Malaysia

Hey guys.

British guy working in Malaysia. So a few weeks ago I slept with a Chinese-Malaysian girl form East Malaysia. We had sex 4 times, used a condom for 3 of them and the last time I stupidly had unprotected sex for around 3 minutes or so. Also the condoms I got where too big (was so nervous buying them in the shop I got the xl ones lol)

So the day after I started to get a rash which went down after a while then came back last week. I got a treatment from a local doctor and it mostly went down however there is still some left over.

Now the last few days I have noticed some alarming symptoms. I first of all noticed a red Pimple like thing at the bottom of my penis, this could of been from where I had shaved the other day however all the other shaving rash marks had long gone.

The other day I had a stiff neck, the next day I woke up my shoulder on the right side of my body was hurting so much and i could barely lift/lower it. This has now resolved itself.

Yesterday came the most alarming symptom. The lymph node behind my right ear is slightly raised, it doesn't seem to hurt however my ears inside do have some pain.

Also my stool has been very soft (not watery diarrhea but no form) and I've been super tired. My joints seem to ache and my eyes itch.

The only thing I don't seem to have had thus far is a temperature for a fever.  I'm regularity monitoring my temp with a thermometer and always getting one in the range of 36.5-36.8 degrees celcius.

It's been 3 weeks now since the first exposure and I'm so convinced I might have HIV. I know you can take a gen 4 test after a month right? And the results are fairly reliable?

It's driving me crazy, I just want to find out whether or not I have it. If I do, I'll need to head home as you're not allowed to reside in the Country as a foreigner with HIV. I'm on a island currently with no real std clinics so will need to head back to the main city to get tested. Should I do this at a month post exposure of the test they offer is generation 4?

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