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Protected Sex and CSWs- PLEASE READ

Protected sex appears to be the most popular concern in this forum; at least a third of the questions here relate to protected sex. The vast majority of concerns about protected sex relate to situations with sex workers.

You are not going to contract HIV from protected sex. Here are some facts about condoms:

1. Condoms work by protecting your urethra (or, if uncircumsized, foreskin) from contact with infectious fluid.

2. It makes no difference if the condom only covers a portion of your penis: if the head is covered you are protected.

3. Studies with serodiscordant couple, monitored over several years, have proven that correct and consistent condom use prevents HIV.

4. If you wore the condom throughout the entire act of intercourse, with no unprotected vaginal or anal penetration, you used the condom correctly.

5. An intact condom is 100% biologically effective in preventing HIV transmission.

6. For the wearer, condom breakage is catastophic and very obvious. Unless you see your penis covered with what looks like a fringed hula hoop (i.e. the remnants of the condom), your condom DID NOT break.

7. There is no such thing as 'invisible holes' in condoms.

8. All synthetic condoms on the market are equally effective in preventing HIV (latex, polyurethane, etc.).

It doesn't matter WHO your partner is: if you used the condom correctly and it stayed intact, you DO NOT have an HIV concern. It is ironic that posts about protected sex with CSWs vastly outnumber posts about unprotected sex with bar pickups and other one night stands, when the latter is a far riskier situation for HIV and (in particular) STDs.

CSWs use condoms to protect themselves from YOU, not the other way around. They are at far greater risk from catching something from you, than you are from them, and real life evidence shows that CSWs who use condoms consistently and correctly do not catch HIV. Prositution has been legal in certain parts of Nevada for years, and NOT ONE prostitute working at a legal brothel in Nevada has ever tested positive for HIV as a result of their monthly, state-mandated screening. This is because condom use is mandatory and they are trained to use them correctly.

The likelyhood that a CSW partner who uses condoms consistently with clients has HIV is probably no greater than that of a 'civilian'. Unless you are picking up prostitutes that work the streets to support an injection drug habit, or live in a third world country with high HIV prevalence, the chance that your CSW partner has HIV is less than 1 in 100.

From what I have outlined in this post, I hope you can see that there is no basis for all the anxiety that is being generated about protected sex with CSWs. Please consider this before you decide to post in this forum.


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