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I have developed a rash on around my collar and my chest area. I am freaking out since It just developed. I hope It isn't ARS rash. it has been like 9 weeks since that day.
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Try not to examine your self too hard.  I found my self doing this.  I woke up the other morning with a rash on my stomach and 20 min later it was gone.  It's probably due to anxiety.  Try to calm down.  Your negative test at 8 weeks is good.  Think of it this way...  Most people develope antibodies in 2 to 8 weeks.  You have already beat that.  Just stay calm.  

I am the same way by having new symptoms pop up.  My hands and feet have felt cold for the past 2 days.  Also my legs and face have been burning.  

Your almost done with your 3 month Window... Hang in there!
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You had protected sex. You never had a risk. Additional HIV testing will not be of any benefit.
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I know what you mean, but I developed this rash just yesterday. I still have some redness.

  Today my girlfriend was freaking out cuz she got random diarrhea, and she said she started to have runny nose, like flu like, out of nowhere.

I am 80% sure it isn't HIV I just got scared when the rash appered, hope her symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.

Sorry again joggen I am kind of a bother.

Wish you all good health
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Okay now I am really freaking out. My rash is the same. My girl has diarrhea, and she feels like the she is getting sick...

I am doubting that 8-week test it was a rapid one w/saliva
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I can't really help you further. Your test proved that you are HIV negative.

You seem to be wracked with guilt/regret over having sex with a CSW. I recommend that you consider professional counseling to deal with it.
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I Know I had protected sex, and yes I do feel guilty. But I am more concerned about her and my health. Her diarrhea doesn't seem to be clearing up. and well I broke out into a rash. She now has the flu. I am just worried that my 8-week test was not accurate. I am waiting for my last one which will be in like 21 days. If that test shows negative I will beleive it. I am getting a bad feeling about the seroconversion period about my test. Maybe the rapid I took was not able to catch my HIV antibodies.

At this point I don't feel like at is my mind, I feel like my test wasn't accurate. Her test was negative too. But it was like a 6-7 week test since I sleeped with her.

Today makes an official 10-weeks since my day of contact.

I can't wait for my 13-week test.

I will seek counseling maybe tomorrow. I just wasnt to be sure my 8-week test was a good indication of my status.
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your inability to accept the FACTS regarding hiv...coupled with the posts you have on other forums...show a need for professional mental help.

it is ridiculous for you to continue this drama...YOU HAD PROTECTED SEX and your girlfriend's "symptoms" have NOTHING to do with hiv...NOTHING.
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Okay, I don't know if what I'm about to say is inappropriate, but, FOR CHRIST'S SAKES!  All of you posting on here have described yourselves as having little to no risk, & some of you have even tested negative & are still worrying!  There is no need to worry if you have repeatedly tested negative & haven't engaged in any kinds of high risk behavoirs.  If it makes any of you feel any better, when I had just turned 18 I entered into what would become a 3 year relationship with a man who was an intravenous drug user, & had multiple sex partners, both men & women.  We never had protected sex.  When I finally came to my senses, I was terrified.  But I ended up testing negative.  I tested again 3 years later after being with a cheating boyfriend who I had unprotected sex with, still tested negative.  That was almost 6 years ago, & it wasn't something I normally worried about.  Now my hubby of 6 years is having some problems with his immune system, & we're still waiting on his HIV test to come back, & it is killing me!  We've both had unprotected sex with multiple partners in the past (more than 20), so I think we have reason to worry.  

My point is, none of you have any reason to worry, so stop.  I see a shrink every month for depression & anxiety & have been taking medication for several years.  I suggest all of you do the same, as it can make a world of difference.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go & continue to be anxiety ridden until that test comes back.  

All of you should just be grateful that you haven't engaged in any high risk behavior, & enjoy life.  Life is just too short to be worrying about these kinds of things.
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Your comment is totally appropriate and right on target.


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Thanks for that. Appreciate your help.

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