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State of Panic

Hi Guys!

Sorry for posting again, Joggen, please dont ban me I really dont have anyone to turn to right now.

5 days after my first HIV Duo test which I posted here in this group too, I started feeling this small nodes on my neck. I am not sure if this was caused by the sleeping position I had last night but I woke up with a feeling of swollen neck glands. I am trying my best not to freak out here but again, I am not able to perform or do anything with this condition.

I do not have fever, or sore throat, except for a hoarse throat which is due to a post-nasal drip I have, no signs of the hiv rash, normal fatigue. No other symptoms related to HIV except for the small nodes that i feel on my neck which wasnt there before.

Can someone please enlighten me on the following things:

1. Can swollen glands exist without the other signs of HIV? Ive read that swollen glands together with high grade fever, night sweats/chills, sore throat with ulcers and rashes all over the body are more often than not the primary symptoms that can be associated with HIV, can someone confirm this for me?

2. What exactly do swollen glands look like and feel like with HIV infection? The internet says that some nodes are readily felt but they dont necessarily mean they are enlarged or inflamed.

3. Can swollen neck glands be caused by the wrong sleeping position or physical trauma?

4. Should I be alarmed and get tested again? I just got a negative result 5 days ago.

Please help me....


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Symptoms do not diagnose HIV.
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