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Why have i had a viral sore throat for 6 weeks !

But still test negative on tests ?

Believe me this is one of many symptoms of mine iv been posting excessivly because of anxiety  i have no excess acid in
Stomach but do have thrush on tongue antifungals seem to make it worse ?

Ive just paid 410 pounds to get all my cd levels checked ?
Results next week

Ive spent over 400 on private tests duos
And about the same on phone consultations too freedom of health

Im losing it i just want my life back !

I need help ! Too add apollo you've given me hope and time but my throat and lymph nodes and malaise is frightening and so prolonged ?

Am i a late seroconverter ?
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Buds, your not listening to advise and your wasting your hard earnt cash which could be better spent on your family or your health.

By health, your current mental state. Being straight with you, ive seen this many times and its a dark road your going because your not thinking or listening to common sence and your polarised on huv regardless on information even from hiv experts.

I really think you should do two things.

See your gp if your ill.

Get help for current mental state before you have a breakdown or you become fixated with hiv. Even a negative test i dont belive will convince yiu of your status.

So, see some one who deals with anxiety, you do really need this more than anything else buds.
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