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anxiety disorder

i had an intercourse with a prostitute 7weeks ago but it is protected but i've been anxious and worried since then,i've experienced all kind of hiv symptoms like headache which distorted my vision and sense of hearing,poor appetite with persistent stuffy which started five days after the intercourse till today being the eighth week,persistent stooling,poor sexual urge,for the past four  days i've been having a pain on my shoulder but it is not swollen and am suspecting it's swollen lymph node.i have gone for a test 7 days,6weeks and yesterday the monday of the eighth week but the test is all negective and am waiting for 4weeks and 4days to go for the final 3month test and am anxious.i informed my doctor he said it anxiety disorder and the nurse i meet yesterday said it s also anxiety disorder.so guys is possible that anxiety could give related symptoms like that?
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pretty easy to figure out if it's anxiety or not IF you will listen to the facts regarding hiv.

1...you had PROTECTED sex
2...condoms prevent the transmission of hiv
3...if someone experiences symptoms of ars...they start at 2-4 WEEKS post exposure and last for 1-2 weeks
4...NEITHER the timing NOR your description of "symptoms" are indicative of hiv.

accept your status and your symptoms will just magically disappear.
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thank u so much dear,am getting much better now that am less worried and have accepted my status and the symptoms are disappearing slowly and something i get worried dat this symptoms wil not disappear totally,pls do it take time for disorders like this disappears completely?..please reply and waiting
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dude i totaly get you im going through the same thing i am so anxies and so scared and looking up in the internet every symptom and it get me even more scared in two weeks its going to be a 3 months since my last sexual unprotected contact i had a test 2 weeks ago and it was neg but they told me it may take 3 months so im waiting i just have to wait 2 more weeks and man anxiety symptoms are hitting me hard and gets me more scared but you know wat every time i dont think about my symptoms there gone and once i think again there back crazy but i believe in god and i leveit to his hands! best of wishes to you bro everything will turn out good just lear like me for the next time be more safe! peace
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But dude,do u think they are all anxiety disorder symptom?
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dude check out the anxiety symptoms so you know if you relate to it im totally sure it is bro try not to stress ok check it out and like me im aso waiting my 3 month to get a more accurate test i feel just like you but try to think positive bro and check out some symtoms ur not alone!
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I've checked it related to it,i still have 4weeks more for ma final test
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bro im supporting you let me know how it all goes bro try to relax and imagine how i feel to im 18 and want many kids and a family and having to go threw this is hard bro but GOD IS BIG BELIEVE ok bro your going to be fine and i know i want this two weeks to pass fast i just wanna wake up and the two weeks two have passed cause this subject is all im going to be thinking about this two weaks but be positive!

learn from this ok
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Am perflect ok now but the past 2months i've been having a persistent headache and distorted vision and stuffy nose with has lasted eight weeks and a two days,according to all i've read,i get to understand that the ars only last for two week but something tells me am fine,i wish the remain three weeks and 5days to comes faster to have a relaxed mind..
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ive been having kinda the same problem constant headake and visiion like if im in a dream but ive been really anxios just thinking about death and about this diseace i dont do things i use to do like work out go with friends im just waiting for my two weeks to get tested but ull be ok im sure i will to

believe god love you!
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