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I did 2 tests hiv 4th generation (antibody + antigen p24), with the first 28 days and the second with 42, both negative.
But I am in deep depression and I can not stop thinking about the fact that I was infected.

these tests are reliable?
I perform other tests?
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Your test results are reason to celebrate not as a basis for depression. Both tests are very accurate at the times that you took them and mean that the chance that you have HIV is virtually nil.

You should expect your final 3 month test to be negative.
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Hey joggen I was wondering if the type of test for my 8-week oraquick was a 4th genereation test. I hope it was I would feel better. I mean I took it In california. is there a way to check.
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There are no 4th generation tests approved for use in the US, and such a test would not provide any additional accuracy at 8 weeks anyway.
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So I am out of luck until this month ends. I am starting to think my future test will be a real shocker.
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