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hiv test came negative bt still anxious

hello dears,

almost 3 months ago i had 4 times protected vaginal sex with 3 different prostitutes. it took 10-15 mins each time.
i didnt get a flu like symptoms and got tested (insti antibodies) 3 times (@ 4th week, 6th and 9th) after last exposure. all came negative. however, i have a crohn disease and read that it might effects the test result.
although odds are in my side i am still getting anxious and planning to do combo ag/ab test at 3 months. I read that in western countries (im setteled in Germany) chances are very very low to contract hiv with hetro sexual. do i still need to get tested again, and should I worry about the test results considering having the autoimmune disease crohn?
thank you in advance
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