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is it anxiety ?

I asked this question in the forum of Hiv Prevention: and answer is I am at no risk. Also I asked from http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/SafeSex/Archive/Infected/Q206210.html and the doctor said, Hiv for this scenario is non-existant

Hiv for scenarios:

1- Hand to Gential (e.g. hand to penis), some strokes without ejaculation from penis; hand may be concontaminated with menstrual blood or vagina fluid.

2- Vagina stroke on one's belly with no cut, without ejaculation.

It is like 10 days now, and I have no symptums except some rashes on the arms and nose , which are due to sun-burn I got in my trip (10 days back).  Why I am worried?, May be it was not good in our religion and I am feeling much GUILTY .............that is effecting my studies and health .................!

My elder brother is doctor, I am not telling him, as My friends told me that you shld not tell him anything for such small cases?, Please help me in my situations....


stressed guy,
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If religious guilt is really the issue, then you may want to consider discussing the incident with a member of your clergy. At least, that would be appropriate to do if you were Catholic. I'm not sure how that works in your situation. If you can't do that, then you should consider talking about the incident with a professional counselor (mental health professional).

I also agree with what Dr. Bob told you- that you should just have an HIV test if you can't shake your fears, although I don't think it is necessary for you to wait for three months. A negative result at 6 weeks would serve as proof that you did not contract HIV from your no-risk encounter.

I think either (or both) of these options would help you deal with this. What you should not do is continue to post in HIV forums and ask questions, since you are not accepting the advice that you are receiving.
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Thanks Joggen,

I am feeling relaxed now. I have started Gym as well as usual.
stay blessed!
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Hello dr.

I forgot to tell you, I tested fr HIV and other STDs using the urine and blood samples. All test were negative.

Thank for your support. The real relief comes from testing!

So the best answer to all the guys suffering from anxiety is to get test....thats very simple and very effective!

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