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mouth ulcers

are mouth ulcers 1 week after exposure a symptom of HIV? i must add i have been smoking heavily to deal with the anxiety and have since developed 2 ulcers. thank you for your time.
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im sure this is not and will not be the first and last time you get ulcers.

There is no point going down the route of starting to post about symptoms, its pointless and will do nothing to help your situation.
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hi, ok noted. i just contacted my partner again and his reluctant to test. i did a p24 antigen yesterday and it came back negative. keeping my fingers crossed.
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Well tell him your not going to have sex with him again until he takes a HIV test. If he is concerned about the wait then a rapid test would be good enough and gives results in 15 minutes.

Quiet frankly, if he cared about you in any way he would take a HIV test, but that's just my opinion.

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hi yes i agree with you. he just believes in that ignorance is bliss kinda thing you know. i don't agree with that. knowledge is power. read the memo i sent u. thanks!
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Well I would make it clear to him, test to help your anxiety or never darken your day again.

Oh one of my quotes,

Knowledge is over rated in means of solving a solution, its the imagination that sets the mind free. :)
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