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symptoms and negative tests

Hi to all,
I had unprotected sex five months ago. I have had several symptoms: enlarged lymph nodes, nigth sweats, rash in one arm, muscle pain in both legs. I have been very worried. I was sure that I was infected with HIV. However all my test have come negative. These include a 4rth generation test at three months, a third generation test at four months, another test at five months, a cuantitative PCR at four months. For me it has been very difficult to belive I am not infected with HIV because I have had a lot of symptoms. I have seen a lot of doctors also. I couldn't belive anxiety could be the cause of all my symptoms. But I'm reading here there are a lot of people that also have symptoms, however test negative. Hope that my stroy can help others to think that however difficult, one have to belive to tests more than symptoms. Thanks for all the coments.
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all of us here are in the same boat, our mind is playing tricks on us, the day you read about a symptom you have it, its all the stress and anxiety we r going through that is causing the trouble
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Yes, is incredible what the mind can do! I have those negative tests, but I still think I can be those late seroconverters. How is it possible to fight against this!! I hope you are doing well. Best!
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its crazy what your mind can do to your body
my risk was mutual masturbation
which everybody here told me no risk
but my doctor told me it was a high risk
i got a cold,joint pain,body aches,diarrhea and a headache thats been on  for 3 days
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we are in the same boat, i think the same, have posted at the doctors forum as well but still no peace of mind, had tested at 4 weeks which the doc says is 90% reliable but the anxiety prevails, i guess time is the best healer in our cases
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"i guess time is the best healer in our cases"

That hits the nail right on the head. What you guys are experiencing is a very common delusion, but as delusions go it is not permanent. You will be back to your old selves eventually. The way to fight against it is to believe your test results above all else- anything else other than your test results will mislead you.

Think of it this way- the MedHelp HIV forums have literally thousands of posts similar to yours, where people are convinced that they are infected despite no risk situations or negative test results. And despite that not one of these people has ever reported testing positive. If you look through past members' posting histories, they all eventually moved on, just like you will move on.    
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Well lets hope that everyone here gets over it soon, by the way joggen you have been helping ppl for a long time and also have done intense research on the topic, have you heard about the cure found by Israel, it got a bit of media coverage initially but no news post that, did not see much about it on med help as well,

an team of scientists from Israel claim that they have the cure for this disease, it kills the infected cells without damaging the healthy ones
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There is no cure. Even if such a discovery were made, it would be unlikely to translate to a cure (complete eradication of HIV from the body) and any treatment resulting from that research is probably still years and years away.
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check this lynk out it really helped me out with anxiety


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that's it bro,for the part 2months and 2weeks i've been experiencing to many symptoms but i had no risk,i think my mind is really playing with i've gone for several test which all the results are ok,my doctor friend said it all its anxiety disorder and still can believe that anxiety can cause those symptom,could guyz believe i having a stuffy for like 2months and 2weeks now and as the day goes is i get to read more symptom as i read through the net and they persists as i get more worried,wel i'l be going for my final test 19th of this month,an an ent tomorrow,i'll be needin ur prayer.
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you dont need anyone's prayers for your result to be negative...you need a therapist to help you accept your negative status.
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thanks so much,ur advice alone is the only therapy that works for me,am ok now and in shape,no more worry.
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HIV anxiety is the worst thing. I had a practically no risk situation. But I kept on thinking about possibilities, imagining things that did not happen. Now I think am at high risk.
The best thing to do is do not think about it at all. Keep yourself occupied in other things.  Eventually it will go away. I know its easier said than done and I'm not able to do it myself!
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