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I'm a Bisexual guy....... A week ago, I slept with another guy. I don't know his HIV status. We did not have anal or oral sex. We were just deep kissing for a long time nude in the bed..... After some time, he ejaculated his semen on my stomach (around navel region). I did not ejaculate mine at all...... Then again, we were kissing each other..... After a week, I have a soar throat and the more I think abt it, I hav a very very mild (99.3 F).... Now, I cannot stop thinking abt it..... I'm completely paranoid.... the soar throat is still there after 3 days.... I do not hav any other symptom such as nausea etc..... DO I have a significant risk of contracting HIV coz of that exposure?
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Deep kissing is not a risk for contracting HIV, only if there was blood (visible or taste) you could think of risk. In the abscense of that, relax!. Healthy mouth is very hostile for HIV.
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