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Could I be infected?

Hi doctors,

I know its being mentioned several times you need to be tested to be certain about your hiv status but your thoughts would be much appreciated.

March 16th, I had sex with an old female friend. Basically there was oral sex which I am not worried about. We had 30 minutes of protected sex and ended the session in 5 minutes unprotected where I ejaculate in her.

April 1st, she told me she could be HIV + and wouldn't show a report for it no matter how hard I try to make her.
From that day, I started having recurring mild headaches, fatigue, severe muscle and joint pains, my temperature has remained 36.7 right up till now (sometimes I feel like I have fever but my temperature tells me i'm fine after measured), no rash so far, no swollen lymph nodes.

In the last few days though I have noticed I do bruise easily, my muscle pains have gone done a bit, but I itch a lot with no rash, my palms are red and painful with the slightest bit of contact or grasp. My stools are not as strong as they use to be and a little lighter, my headache a bit more severe. I do have very dull eyes for a couple of weeks now and also suffer from frequent and short abdominal pain both right and center of my stomach. I also do have more dark urine as day goes on which shouldn't happen after the first two times of urinating in a day for a healthy person.

Mainly ARS major symptoms as I have learned are; High fever (of about 38) and Chills (my temp is 36.7 average), Swollen lymph and Rash with others as headache, muscle pains, fatigue etc.

My question, based on my story is I am confused to the possibility of having HIV or Hepatitis. I haven't developed any big sign of HIV but my symptoms list tends to be more on Hepatitis. I can't really know which it is but I live in a city where hiv + patients are detained and monitored carefully and thus there is no confidentiality. I want to know what your thoughts are on my symptoms, please ask questions if you need to be more certain.

Thanks, please keep the response as ethical as possible I don't need schooling or beefing. Thanks in advance.
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