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Help i am depressed - hiv STI - risk

actually i had sex with a sex worker three years before. that is my first and last one. It lasted for only one minute. i used condom and i am sure it is not broken.In this three years one time i got viral fever and got treated for two days in hospital. They did blood test urine test etc and discharged me in 2 days  telling everything is normal.
suddenly one month back i am worried and depressed checking the symtoms for hiv on net. with heavy depression i went to an ngo and taken hiv test. And it came negative. i was happy for one week. but suddenly i was thinking whether the rapid test is accurate or not ?  and on the other side i started searching for other STI 's and got shocked and again depressed. i got two three red dots on my skin which happened only before one month. with huge depression i am writing this here .  i used condom only what are changes for other STI's ? i read about hepatitis b and worrying. one hiv rapid test is fine right ? no need to worry or still i need to tested .

now i am seeing many symptoms on my body mainly because of stress or depression i dont know ?

can anyone tell the risk of having diseases.  i dint have any oral sex,no kisses , just two times inserted into the vaginal using condom.
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