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Mild Sore throat & Rash , Can it be Hiv Acute ?


6 weeks ago I had sex with a male sex worker.  First I gave oral to him without condom and fingered by him from anus . Then had sex as top and used condom.

After 33 day I got common cold with running nose and sore throat for first days then all disappeared. It was fine but  then at 40th day I  got sore throat back  ( very mild almost with no pain but with feeling of dry throat )  that did not disappear since almost a week and  at the same time , I  realized that small tiny pink-reddish bumps appeared on my lower torso close to genital - I popped 3 of them and they clearly bleed . Combination of this two is really scared me. I also add a picture so you can see if the bumps looks like an acute hiv or not  

Beside this I never had fever , or any other symptoms of acute hiv. That's all what I experienced.
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