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am i at risks.need assurance for testing

okay i have asked this question before on asking about the risks in contracting the virus via ejaculation on my back. now i have also   done other actions with this guy but no oral sex or sexual intercourse. i would tease him by pulling my pants a little down to show my crack of my butt and make him please himself and *** on my back , then wipe it up immediately. i have also teased him by letting him also ejaculate on my chest. but after i notice that my underwire in my bra had slightly bruised my skin on the same area he had *** on.

i have also made him fingered me and mind you he was to rough.  a little cuz i have not had sexual intercourse in a year so it hurt.i also allowed him to extract some of my breast milk from my boobs, kissed him and give me hikkies. can i some way get infected via my stupid playful flirty acts.

also my son is 2 .5 and still breastfeeding.can he contract the virus. i a m worried
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1) You can contract HIV from unprotected sexual relations, injecting a used needle, blood transfusion (not common in US), or from mother-to-child (child birth or breast feeding)

2) It is unwise for you to unprotected sexual relations, that is where most HIV cases can be linked back to

3) I am not a medical professional, but I would place you at MEDIUM risk, being you did engage in a low-risk practice of anal sex.

4) Mothers can give HIV to their child through breastfeeding... If a mother is having unprotected sexual relations outside of a committed relationship, she should REFRAIN from breastfeeding

5) ALWAYS use latex condoms if you must have sexual relations... Abstinence is the best way to protect against any STD and LATEX condoms are the second best way.

You should not panic unless you know the person you egaged in sexual outercourse with is HIV positive.

I recommend you get an HIV test 3 months after the first encounter and the 3 months after your last encounter with the person, that is the only way to know if you are in fact HIV positive.

Do NOT breastfeed or have any other unprotected sexual activity with ANYONE until you know you are HIV negative.

If you have received a NEGATIVE diagnoses after a 3 month period, DISREGARD the information I have listed above.

For more information, consult your family physician. I am not a medical professional and I do not have any experience in the medical field.

Please see a doctor if you feel you need to. Never panic until you know for sure!


I hope my response helped, have a good night and God Bless,
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