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Some weird guy bit me in a fight, I dont know if his mouth was bleeding or not. I got sick later that week with swollen lymph nodes in my neck. I tested HIV negative six weeks later. Should I still be worried?
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Sorry if another post has appeared above, I try and help others and I got this case confused with another!

Six weeks test is somewhat accurate, try not to worry and go back for another test 3 months after the event occured... While theoretically, HIV could probably survive in salivia, it is almost impossible, due to certain proteins that kill the fragile virus.

I don't think you are at that high of a risk. If it helps you know this, a study has suggested that almost 89 percent of HIV positive people obtained the virus during sex contact, therefore that leaves only 11 percent who have contracted it other ways and it is also high among injecting drug users... Therefore your chances could probably be considered slim.

I AM NOT A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL, if you feel this information isn't accurate, please see a doctor of medical professional.

Contributor's Suggestions: Try not to worry (stress weakens the immune system), get tested in three (3) months from initial event...

Since you mentioned prayer, I am Christian, allow me to type this simple prayer for you: "Dear Heavenly Father, please give this individual comfort and peace during this time. And if he has contracted any diseases, please heal him right now. And if he has not committed his life to Jesus, lead him to do it right now. In Jesus name, Amen."

Thank You and GOD BLESS
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I was bleeding pretty bad. I now think my spleen is inflated, and my joints hurt. I am praying that I do not have HIV, but I am afraid it is too late. Is there any way this could be some other infection?
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I would classify this as low risk, if and only if you were bleeding also or had an unscabbed or unprotected open wound, otherwise I would say 0 risk.

Although HIV test are not completely accurate until 3 months, the test is somewhat accurate and pretty assuring.

From the situation you have described, I would say not to worry and if you are still concerned after the three month period, get tested again.

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