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Possible HIV Exposure

Let me first thank you for helping me out here.
I have an issue that is eating my brain and i need your help. Please........
About 2 weeks ago, i had oral sex with a girl (Unknown Status),
I fingered her for about 25 min, i might have cut her inside vagina (Saw blood on my bed sheet).
I gave her oral sex for 5 mins. (Lots of vaginal Fluid)
I had chapped lips, bleeding just a little and red skin showing.
Next day, white tongue (for a week).
2 days later, sore throat, fatigue, nausea, light fever(99), itchy dry skin (2 Weeks).
After 2 weeks, White tongue, bad smell, dry mouth, sore and dry throat (feels like lump in there and difficult swallowing), dry eyes, ear pain, fatigue, stiff joints, leg ache, neck and back pain, light headache, cant sleep, some night sweats, 3 mouth ulcers, cant tell if glands are swollen (Pain in Groint), light fever and light pain in stomach.

In short > Cunnilingus with my cut lips and blood from Vagina with Vaginal Fluid.

What could be the cause, really scared about HIV.
Do i need testing?

Please Help
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