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negative at 2.5 months rapid testing at planned parenthood clinic (blood sample)

2 months ago i became sexually active with this guy i was talking to.  of course before we did he asked if i was clean ... not literally like that .. but we got into that conversation .. and i said i was because i am .. and he said the same thing ... and i believed him because its one of those things that u have trust with someone because ur not really thinking of anything else like omg im gna get hiv or stds or whatever it may be.

but to say the least weve had sex a few times ... but 2 times were unprotected sex .... (i kno i shouldnt have) (and he pulled out .. if that even matters)

well i recently im not with him anymore ... as in not being in a relationship with him anymore because of typical relationship problems ... but i still communicate with him every other day

and i was completely ok with that then a few weeks after i was getting my nails done and the tv news was playing in the backround and ALL I HEARD WAS "so many people living with HIV and dont even kno"

from then on i couldnt stop thinking about hiv ... what if i have it? whats going to happen? and all the others concerns ...

and i kno it would be my fault if thats what the case may be .. but he was the second guy ive been with relationship wise ... and im human .. nowadays when u get in a relationship (not that its expected) but it happens.

well after 2.5 months i got tested and thank God the results came back negative .... it gave me a piece of mind but idk if i should get tested again or leave it alone for now until i go to my routine checkup ... only because i keep hearing 3 month window period but every forum i read is saying that 2.5 months is plenty of time but its just a conclusive thing ...

honestly i feel like its just me overthinking because of how dramatic it sounded on the news ... but im lostt and dnt kno what to do ...

but ANYWAY to get bak on topic ... i just need some feedback from someone ... anything to help me clear my mind before i go crazy.

-Thank you
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hai there happy new year and i read your story and i know how u feel all u feel is just a regret things and u have strong evidence your 2,5months test is negative is hard to change at the 5weeks beleive me,now the new hiv developed is 6-8weeks and u have pass this 6 and 8 and the last since the cdc is recommended testing @12weeks let's follow it and i bet u will receive a negative test and please if u having a sex please let the partner use a protection and it will prevent a std's and a hiv.
and u can relax and testing final is just a piece of cake for u,u have received a 2,5mnths negative.stay safe!~~
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