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Fresh hiv blood into mouth

I am HIV positive, but my virus load is "0".  When I play with a little boy that he suddenly bite my lips then I fell so hurt and push him away with me. I touch my lips find a blood in my finger. I check my lips find have a small cut. I check that boy mouth, I didn't find any blood in his teeth also not visIble cut in his mouth. But a few minutes ago he ate one apple, so I worry about his mouth have some invisible cut in his mouth and some hiv fresh blood into his invisible cut at the same time.
Please help me , I fell so worry about everyday. Because that is hiv fresh blood.
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If you are HIV positive you should know how it is spread. Only unprotected anal or vaginal and shared needles. Your doctor should be able to help you understand why this is so.
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Thank you for helping me. I have a last question, "Saliva contains over a dozen different enzymes and proteins that inhibit HIV transmission."  is true???

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