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Has anyone been keeping up with the information about an HIV vaccine?

I have been reading about it and from I have read it would help prevent those who are negative from getting the virus and it would serve as therapeutic treatment for those who, like myself, are positive. Also, there was another article saying that a vaccine could expose the latent virus and kill it. Trials are being held but are they close to finding a cure?
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There is no practical information on vaccines as of yet, PReP and PeP and now PiP seem to be the best cure out there
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I just read that Maryland may have a potential cure and is trying to get the FDA's approval to start trials in January next year. I know it's going to take a while but I pray that trials are successful because I am so ready to be done with HIV. I've always had faith since I've been diagnosed that a cure would come about but I will still prepare myself for the worst.
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