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Hello guys,

Thanks for your time reading this. I was struggling to get time in to book for a blood test at my local clinic however I managed to get in to my local gp for a blood test. My gp advised me he would be carrying out a generilised blood test so I assumed that would be to check for everything.  I received a letter a day after my blood test from the gp advising my results were in and my gp would like to discuss my result further so I must book in an appointment with him within the next 7 days.

I haven't had an exposure for 3 months and was clear of every other sti test.. if the doctor got test results which showed a + result would they send a letter like have explained or call me if it's something ?!?!?! Thanks
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Firstly, I am assuming he didn't even give you an HIV test because you didn't mention you had asked for one so in that case, in his eyes you would be like 1 in 20 million odds of having HIV, so they don't waste their time random testing low probability diseases for no reason.

ANY test result isn't given over the phone so you are needlessly imagining a worst case scenario by trying to read something from nothing.
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I see sorry that's a knowledge gap from my side, I had assumed that by getting a blood test then any abnormalities would show up in the results ie cancer, hiv etc.. I should elabirate the main reason I wanted the blood test was also because of a swollen lymph node that's not gone away for a while, I assumed this would all be picked up but I guess I'm wrong
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Routine testing doesn't include HIV testing.  It's something you'd specifically ask for.

ANM is correct - results that merit discussing aren't given over the phone.  You are way overthinking this.  Reading your history here, you haven't had a risk that merits HIV testing anyway.
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Thank you for the quick response. As I've said to ANM it is a knowledge gap on my part. So basically I need to ask specifically for a hiv test if I want conclusive results. Wouldn't it show something on the genreal blood test assuming something was wrong?
It might show something that would lead to HIV testing, but it would not show an HIV infection.  Only an HIV-specific test detects HIV.

Again, in your history here, you've never stated any behavior that would put you at risk for HIV, and if you didn't have a risk, HIV can be ruled out entirely.
There are 5,000 diseases that affect man, so a test can't just study all of them at once. HIV is just one drop in a bucket of potential diseases.
That is why the doctor asks you questions and checks off boxes on the form you take to the lab for your blood draw. Next time check your form to see what is being checked.
Thank you both for your time. God bless
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