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HIV from vaginal secretions entering the inside of the condom .

First of all I am new to this and have no idea how it works and would like to thank anyone who replies.

I would like a Dr. to respond and I am willing to pay for that service but do not know how to set about it.

I am a male and had 2 penetrative sexual experiences with masseuses in Thailand in a regular spa where only hand jobs are normally given out. But clearly, individuals can convince the therapists to go a little further.

I have a smaller sized penis and the condom did not fit snuggly on both occasions. In both occasions, the therapists were quite wet.

On both occasions upon removing the condom, I noticed what appeared to be vaginal secretions half way up my penile shaft.

My worry is that some vaginal fluid may have travelled all the way up the underside of my penis and reached my urethral opening.

Is there a risk of acquiring HIV. The condom never slipped out and the ring always remained at the base of my penis. I fear that the vaginal secretioms would have gathered at the base and slowly seeped up.

Best regards,

Sean R
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Doctors left here years ago.
You had zero risk, because the ring at the bottom keeps the condom on, so if it was so loose that fluids could slide under the condom then it would fall off. Move on and forget this non-event.
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Thanks for the reassurance.
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Yes, the ring at the  bottom of the condom is there to keep it all in and it all out.  You were totally safe.  Air also inactivates the virus so transmission has to take place inside the body.  Only risks for HIV are unprotected (head of penis is not covered) vaginal or anal sex (penetrating) or sharing IV drug needles. So, you do not need to worry.
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