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NY and Mass Testing timelines

Forum,   why has NY and Mass changed the 3 month window to 6 weeks? I just spoke with a person at NYSDOH who said in 2009 NY went with a 6 week conclusive test? Is this scary? They toldme that if I went in to a clinic they woudl prolly not test me since I have a 6 week result?
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It's possible they could be using a new screening test, or they are reducing the time based on new research.

I spoke with someone at Orange County Health Department in New York State, and they say it takes 35 days, but they still tell patients who get an HIV test or think they have HIV that 3 months is the conclusive result.
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Oh, and by the way, no one can refuse to test you for HIV. If they do, then you need to call the New York State Department of Health and complain. Health care workers cannot deny someone an HIV test, and if they did, that would be considered VERY unethical, and the Department of Health would take action against the provider.

I have a friend who goes to a health department here in Utah every month and gets tested for HIV. It's mainly because he's sexually active (although he uses protection), however he tests for it every month, as well as every other STD, to make sure that he never spreads it to anyone. So, getting tested for HIV regularly should be regarded as being responsible more than being insane.

Once again, if the window period has changed, health workers still tell people to follow up 3 months following their last encounter and/or exposure. So they will never refuse you.
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3 months is still conclusive. The FDA has approved a new test that checks for antibodies and antigen so this would cut the window period down for just about everyone, also the antibody tests are very senestive now and are about 98% accurate at 6-8 weeks.. But until the CDC changes 3 months we will continue to recommend 3 months.
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are those rapid hiv tests sensetive and 98% accurate or a igg blood test is?
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The lab based blood tests are best way to go but rapid tests are still very sensitive. Don't have an exact number but in the 90's% wise.
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I agree, I have learned a lot in the past 8 weeks about testing. It was an odd conversation when I had my 6 week test the clinician said I had overtested and that the tests I have had even with a higher risk exposure are solid evidence and I should  stop testing because it's a waste of resources and my time. She was the one who said that if she had known I had 2 pcr's at 14 and 28 days and a 14, 23, 28,42 and 45 day antibody tests before she tookmy test she would have tried to convinceme that I didntneed one.

Thats why I called the DOH and they told me that NYSDOH has accepted a 6 week tests as conclusive, however they encourage all people to go test at 3 months. It was an odd expierence. I made one bad mistake and to have someone have that convo with me was hurtful.They said she should not have said that and it's unethical and not her place to determine how many tests i get. The DOH said I could test daily if I wanted to for 90 days free of charge if Iwanted to.
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