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Please Help Me- HIV symptoms?

Thank you all for your wonderful responses to other people's questions.

It's been 19 days since the risky behavior- I had a 1-night stand with a girl when I was drunk, and at some point the condom slipped while she was on top and we were having vaginal intercourse. I'm pretty sure she caught that it was off quickly, because she asked where the condom went. I've read here that the risks of getting HIV are surprisingly low even if the partner is positive, but she was also menstruating which greatly increases risk. She cleaned herself up before hand, but this is especially risky, I now.

Four days ago (about two weeks after the encounter), I started feeling pretty bad- headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite and recently, diarrhea. No coughing, sneezing, slight sore throat, no rashes, and no swollen lymph glands. I'm hoping that I just have a cold or flu, but I don't have the characteristic coughing or fever of either of these. Are rashes and swollen lymph glands almost always apparent in early infection stage?
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How long does it usually take for ARS symptoms to appear? Does this mean I shouldn't worry about it for now? I can't take an HIV test until this Friday
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Your symptoms have nothing to do with ARS they came on to quick. You need to test not only for HIV but other STDs which are more easily contracted.
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