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Signs of HIV or a cold?

About 12 days ago, I had unprotected sex with a sex worker. Now, I have a bit of a sore throat and am worried.
The throat felt dry last night. Today it feels kinda like when you're getting over cold. A little swollen on the inside. It's not too sore. Just dry and a bit tight.
Other factors, I am high anxiety and it began after I stopped worrying about getting her pregnant and more about HIV.
I tend to get colds around this time of the year (especially when it rapidly changes the temp back and forth the last few weeks). It doesn't help that they keep the air on even when it is freezing outside.
The woman seemed new to this. She apparently didn't understand the slang and didn't realize what I wanted though she did agree when I offered extra (after all, I'm sleazy, not a monster).
I haven't had any other symptoms. The chills at one point, but that's because they won't turn the AC off even though it's almost winter.
Logically, I know I probably just coming down with a cold. But I would appreciate some insights on whether I could be wrong. Especially, regarding the type of sore throat I'm having. So, I can get myself checked out (well, I will regardless, but it will be more urgent if I should be especially concerned) or calm my anxiety.
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Oral, anal or vaginal?
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Oral and vaginal
Oral is zero risk for HIV.
You can take a duo test after 28 days for a conclusive result, so you have to wait for 16 more. or any other test after 12 weeks.
Symptoms prove nothing. People cough on your lips and door knobs so sickness is to be expected at any time. Air temperature does not create colds or whatever else you think you have.
Try to relax until 16, because nothing is pointing toward you having HIV.
I would get an std panel done too. There is an std forum if you have questions.
Next time a csw offers unprotected vaginal or anal, run don't walk. No one knows the status of the one you encountered, but the ones who require a condom have to pay for it so they likely know they are negative and want to stay that way by protecting from clients.
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You engaged in a risk. Unprotected vaginal warrants a test.  The soonest you could get one is at 28 days with a duo / IV Gen test or the next one wth any HIV antibody test at 6 weeks post exposure.

Also,  just so you know : HIV is a difficult virus to contract. One episode of  FTM exposure has low odds of transmission. Also it is questionable whether your partner was infected at the first place.

Symptoms mean nothing.  I have seen many WWs complaining about every symptom that the book reads. However at the end of every thing posting a negative result.  

Beware the mind is very powerful, it can do a lot of things to your body.  I suggest you not to search about HIV online, there is a lot of information out there and it wouldn't be advisable for you to relate yourself to every thing you would read.  Take that test and move on.  Good luck.
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Yes. I agree with Mike. Often, the doctors themselves say to stay away from online brain-wash. Just seek a general appointment & get the antibody (Hiv 1& Hiv2) tests done.
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