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******* from hiv pos women

Sir teak and team I received a blow job from a girl and later she told me she is hiv pos now I do many of rapid test  many  till 15 wrrks came back negative and I did a dna pcr test at 82 days and again test hiv 1 &2  p24 ag and ab  all came back negative my docter told me I have to reapt the test at six months mark ehat are my chances to become pos sir teak I need your gelp
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Your risk was low to near zero.
Any rapid test is conclusive at 12weeks and you had a 4th generation test.
You tested negative.
Not sure what the guidelines are where you live but if it requires you to test at 6 months expect it to be negative.

Sir Teak is no longer with us.
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Thanks u so much for you reply sir that gives me to much relief  but sir is only thing is worry me that I got scratches on penis before she below me bcs I was mastrubatio earlier and she too have scraches but I am not sure is fresh on or not  and dear sir she got throat sores as well but not open sores is just swollen in her throat  I am in south africa and sorry for my poor english thank u so much sir for your reply
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Plz reply me sir what are my chances
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I forget to say she also give me boobs job unprotected almost three timesiin my window period
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Read the second paragraph.
You had a 4th generation test at 82 weeks. Highly sensitive.
And a rapid test at 15 weeks.
Looks like you satisfied south African guidelines for a conclusive negative.

Not sure why your Dr wants you to test again at 6 months.
That's between you and him/her.
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Correction, meant 82 days, not 82 weeks.
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Thank u so much sir I really need those words that ask me I try to kill my self but I cant sir that means  I dont need and futher testing so duo test at 88 days and dna pcr at 82 days are concelsive I dont need any futher testing I beg u sir help me
If you were in the United States your testing would be complete and determined conclusively negative.
Further testing is between you and your Dr but from what you posted I don't see a 6 month test necessary.
If you had a known immune disorder then yes, but that is something you would have already been diagnosed with.
No need to worry.
Take care.
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Thanks sir but sir I dont know any problem with me maybe I have and I not aware with it but one thing I know I dont get sick very fast
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No one has ever contracted HIV from receiving oral sex.  You will NOT be the first.  You had no risk and did not need to test, but even if you had had a risk, your tests would be conclusive.  You do not have HIV - time to move on from this event and forget about it.
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Thank u so much but do u know anyone who test negative at 3 months and his result is change at 6 months stress killing me I cant sleep almost cant eat and I have all the symptoms in first few weeks of incident and throat sore I stll have help me
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I don't know anyone, no.  That doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but I do not personally know of anyone.  It doesn't matter - you had no risk.  Your result will NEVER turn positive from this incident.
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Thank u so much mam one last question about my dna pcr at 82 days hiw relaible it is  
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And why first docter ask my for I dont need any futher testing after dna pcr test he told me tht test is the most sensetive test in market but my other docter told me is confusing test I dont understand
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Plz help me
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You received all the help you needed to move on.
You received a lot of information to help you understand hiv, testing and risk.
There is no more to add other then it's time to get your anxiety under control.

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Ok dear sir thank u so much and I read about boobs job in your fourm thre I dont see any risk involve thanks for u time your all are the great I let u know about about my six  mounth result thanks again alot
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Hello am father of that stupid guy he told me yesterday about all that stupidity he did just for me sure I read your all comments about his status  so can he get merried now or are u sure that he is not infected with that virus  
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