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About 3 weeks ago I had protected anal sex and unprotected oral sex (receptive) with CSW in Southeast Asia. About 2 Weeks after this encounter I devolped a Swollen node on the left side of my neck only, that was quite painful and it lasted about 4 days it went away after I started antibiotics. No other symptoms of being sick just the node. After the node went away my throat started feeling like something is draining down the back of it. Not sore and not painful. My question is could this be ARS? Also was I at risk having protected sex? What are the chances? Also the condom did not malfunction in any way. Maybe I have read to much and gotten all worked over nothing. Well thanks in advance.
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This is zero risk to you.  Oral sex is not a risk and protected sex is just that.

Your symptoms incidentally are nothing like ARS, when lymph nodes swell they are generalised and not localised to one area and they are not painful.  In addition to which they all come on at once and go away at once they do not come one after the other.

You have not had a risk.
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Thanks for your thoughts. Make sense to me what you are saying. Just trying to ease my mind. Thanks agian.
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