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1 in 10,000???

You say that the estimated risk for unprotected oral sex for the receiver is 1, in 10,000 so that you could expect not to catch HIV until 27 years went by, my question is this cant some catch it on their 1st try or 2nd? etc etc. I went to a prostitute who is a drug user most likely( not sure if she shoots up ) and had unprotected oral sex done on me,now im flipping out, so even thought the estimation is 1 in 10,000 what if someone is that 1? I was hoping the risk was none, its just that the "1" scares me. Any thoughts or comments Dr.
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All we can do is quote the odds; an online forum has no other way to address someone's fears and anxieties.  By the way, It's 1 in 20,000, not 10,000 -- and some experts believe nobody ever catches HIV by receiving a **.  And the odds are your partner didn't have HIV, so your actual risk probably is closer to 1 in a million.  Could you be "the one"?  Sure.  You also could get hit by lightning.  (If you live in North America, death by lightning is statistically a lot more likely than catching HIV by oral sex.)

You have repeatedly saught reassurance about STD/HIV risks on this and the STD prevention forum for 2-3 years.  As the saying goes, if you can't stand the heat, you should consider getting out of the kitchen.  If you're going to be so anxious despite all objective evidence of little or no risk, I suggest you stop the activity or use condoms.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Well said , this was my only mistake in the last 3 years. Thanks again
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