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1 swollen lymph node after risky exposure?

7 days ago I had unprotected anal sex. I was the insertive partner. it was less than a minute, maybe 1 minute total. Dumb thing to do, I know.

Now I have a one swollen lymph node in my neck which appeared out of nowhere. No other symptoms, and it has been there for the past 3 days.

I'm not sick, so is this really due to to the HIV infection? what other explanation could there be?
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and i know i have to get tested. but i have never had a swollen lymph node in my life, so is it HIV infection?
That's not exactly accurate.  You were here a few years ago with a swollen lymph node after an encounter. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Swollen-Lymph-Nodes---HIV/show/1813019#post_8353744

Symptoms mean nothing, as you know.  Get tested with a 4th generation test 28 days post-exposure.
this one is actually a real swollen node on my neck. can swollen nodes appear within days of exposure? yes i'll get tested.
Do the test like you said because rephrasing your questions about symptoms serves no useful purpose.
Yes but just for information purposes, can localized lymphadenopathy occur 6 days after exposure? Or would acute HIV present with generalized lymphadenopathy? (lymph node swelling in more than 1 location?)
No, you would NOT just get one lymph node with HIV symptoms. Not much more to say here --- you have had several similar episodes, so you already know the drill.  Use condoms or prepare to test at 28 days.  Symptoms don't matter  Your choice.
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