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12 Week negative test conclusive for HIV 1 & 2

Previously posted a question re a unprotected risk whilst away on a stag do in Portugal. Sex with a British girl living in Portugal. Female took condom off during sex. Had HIV fourth generation test carried out at 5 days post exposure then repeated at 6 / 10 & 13 weeks. All back negative. During the period I had symptoms consistent with seroconversion (feverish, bowel problems, fatigue, muscle twitching, night sweats) I did not have a rash or a sore throat though my throat was inflamed during the first week post exposure. Around week 8 I noticed my gums were receding / inflamed & sought the help of my dentist who stated slight recession but no real problems. My bowel problems have persisted & recently I have noticed a white layer on my tongue & I have a really dry mouth during the night. I have been extremely stressed & anxious which has led a to lack of sleep that has continued & as a result my eyes always appear bloodshot. I wish to ask would the fourth gen test pick up all strains of hiv 1&2 at 13 weeks. Whilst researching I see that HIV 2 is more prevalent in west Africa & Mediterranean parts of Europe which includes Portugal. This had become a bit of a focal point for me as believe the 4th gen test would detect all HIV 1 strains but would it pick up HIV 2 at this period. Cheers for any responses.


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It would detect all. You are negative.
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Can anyone offer any view in the above?
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hiv2 is detected also..., it's rare, especially outside West Africa
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HIV 2 is rare I believe, though I have seen it is prevalent in Mediterranean Europe. This exposure occurred in Portugal with a female who lived there though was British. I am just concerned re having these symptoms. Would a fourth gen test detect the vast majority of HIV strains? Inc HIV 2 strains?. Every test that has been done has been a NHS 4th gen test and sent to a lab for analysis. Thanks for a response. Anxiety & stress through the roof
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you can seriously chill out and enjoy a beer now - and make a solumn vow to be more careful in future.
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Have u tested for other std as well. Mine was hiv negative with 4 generation hiv ag/ab test at 10,13 week and tridot ab test at 6 month. Have you swollen nodes...
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Yes tested for those 5 days post exposure & repeated at 6 weeks. All negative. Do not have obviously swollen nodes. No bean shaped lumps exposed & no tenderness.
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