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12 months negative but worried with node

hi, in 21 july 2010, i have done unprotected vaginal sex (also oral sex) with a massage girl in bangkok, thailand. Then i have tested 3 , 5, 6, 7 and at 12 months after encounter. All elisa hiv 1 and 2 (antigen and antibody) with one western blot. All results came negative. At  that time i felt muscles pain, joint pain, headache. but now a days i am worried again with hiv though i have no encounter without my wife(without that one). For 3 months i feel a medium size lymph node (with low pain) just right side of my throat. and also i have been suffering with tonsil for 2 months. And also i feel some pain in my two armpit and just back side of my knee. and i also i am in a great anxiety. With these problem i went to my doctor but he told me that these are not hiv related these are for another reason. Then i go to  a medicine specialist doctor but he gave me a test for FANC of lymph node. i am really worried again. Now i have some question to you. Please answer me as soon as possible please. 1) All my test result upto 1 year - are conclusive? Am i really hiv free? 2) My present large lymph node in neck/throat region - related with hiv? Thank you.
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12 month test negative?  You sound like me.  Listen, when you developed an obsession with HIV, you have to realize that it's like a drug.  You can't trust yourself with what you're seeing, mind is a powerful thing, trust the experts, not your obsessive "what if" thoughts.  
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Relax and think positively
Your HIV negative PERIOD!
Lymph node swellings appear all over the body in HIV infection and do so early on from primary HIV. They are not usually painful but can be tender and you would have a host of other symptoms when they first appeared.
You have nothing to worry about you would be in asymptomatic stage by now which means no symptoms unless you had GENERALISED SWELLING OF LYMPH NODES which means at multiple locations at the same time and that's all that would be present for many years until the symptomatic stage.
Anxiety is your enemy here
Stay Safe
Use Condoms
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You have several negative test results so it's time to move along.
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thanks to everybody for wise advice
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You're more than welcome--thats what you get from the HIV community forum here at medhelp.Only the facts from top people.
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dear all, i have got my fnac result. Result is "nogranuloma, evidence of lymphoma or metastatic deposit is seen. Cervical lymph node right (FNAC):Non specific reactive change." Dear all, please donot angry with me. I again ask u some question for cure of my anxiety. What is your opinion about my fnac result? recently for 2 months i have night sweat. Daily i feel armpit pain and pain in back side of knee. though i have no sexual intercourse without my wife. Do u think that i need my hiv test again? Please say loudlyyyyyyyy that i am hiv free. not for me for my three child and my wife. please, please and please. Thank u.
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yes you do not have Hiv.!
Get this out of your head and take care of your health and look for the cause of your troubles but , it is surely not Hiv.!

If someones Hiv antibody test is -ve at 3 months after his/her exposure to an person of unknown status then he/she is not infected with Hiv....!

( considering he/she did not had any other exposure with an Hiv positive person )

That's it.!
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Thank u very much a78001. But i feel always guilty to my family. I donot know why i have done such wrong. Ok pray for me. Again thank you.
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Move on, you don't have an HIV concern.
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Thank you Teak for ur answer.
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have the same problems and tested negative for hiv1/2 till 13 months i and my wife.
there is a virus in China which is hiv-like
and i was positive for mycoplasma/ureaplasma it was a semen culture . you need to do a semen culture for air and no air bacteria. mycoplasma is the one bothering us i believe.
you can search for mycoplasma symptoms . it does what we have , rash, body pain headache, fever sometimes, and many things, mycoplasma is the smallest bacteria ever and it has no cell cover so it is hard to be found also hard to be treated.
hiv-like virus makes the cd4 count and % less and increases cd8 count and percentage which affects the ratio,.. many people i know they have the same, low cd4/cd8 ratio and they test negative for hiv1/2 elisa and undetectable pcr.
i have tested negative hiv1/2 elisa and hiv antigen/antibody cmia, for 13 months. my cd4/cd8 ratio and count are up and down always so it is something that really in the body but not hiv because hiv1/2 and hiv1+O/2 rapid and elisa and Cobas all negative for 13 months, and also my wife negative till 12 months, i made over 50 time tests.
it must be another virus or non air bacteria.
ok i started ozone treatment for 10 times, i felt much better, much better really. after that i could walk and go outside for hours ... i had ozone treatment by autotherapy and anal ozone and sauna. you can do the same in China, which city did you meet the sex worker? close to shanghai? shanghai and beijing have the hiv-like so many cases there.
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