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12-week sore throat since unprotected sex, is this HIV ARS?

I had unprotected sex with girl friend (Ex now) few times - between September-5h & October 5th.
I got a sore throat from the last week of September and I still have it.
My ENT doesn't think , it's viral or bacterial - mostly allergies - which I never had before.

I am planning to get tested on Jan - 5th - 3 months after the last sex (October -5 th).

While I am waiting for the window period, the anxiety is killing me.

I have no other symptoms besides sore throat & occasional cough.
I am a very healthy guy otherwise.

Could this be due to sero conversion ?
Does the sore throat last this long - over 12 weeks , if it's due to ARS?

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does anyone else has any comments or answers ?
Any response is greatly appreciated.
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You'll get the same response from the other volunteers here because this is a moderated forum and any incorrect information is promptly deleted by the moderators. I provided you with accurate and factual information.
Pardon my ignorance. thank you for the service you are providing.
I am going for the test tomorrow - little anxious about the symptoms.
You have nothing to worry about with your symptoms, and I already explained the reason why in my previous reply. If you're having trouble calming yourself down, I recommend yoga and a lot of chamomile tea.
Hi all,
I went for the 4th generation test in the lab, it came back as Non Reactive.
Thank you for your support.
Since the test is done 91 days after the exposure, can I put this behind me & move on ?
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What makes you think your girlfriend has HIV?
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I don't think she is - but I am really scared at this point , my mind is going crazy thinking over the symptoms.
Well it would be really highly unlikely that she had it and you didn't know about it if she's your girlfriend! And since HIV doesn't just spontaneously appear out of nowhere, I'm sure you're just being overly paranoid for no reason.
hey Chima,
thanks for yor quick response - I appreciate it.
I do not disagree that I am paranoid for no reason.

What about my symptoms , I agree that they could very will be linked to million other things.

But could this be anywhere close to the ARS symptoms people experience ?
No, because ARS never lasts this long.  Many people infected with HIV have no symptoms at all. Those who do have symptoms would only experience them for a limited time after exposure and then the symptoms would stop. No way would ARS still be present from September or October until now.
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