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12 weeks

12 weeks ago at a bachelor party i made the stupid mistake of getting a lapdance. Part way through the stripper pulled out my penis and gave a handjob with plenty of saliva. Numerous times spitting on penis and her hand. In a drunken state I didnt stop her. Guilt, anxiety and fear has been killing me ever since.

I know they say handjob with saliva is minimal to no risk from reading various sites and threads. But i worry i may have caught something and could spread it to my wife. Other than guilt I wouldnt have thought much of this, but have had some possible symptoms.

One week after - son has bad flu that both me and my wife caught. Sore throat and mouth ulcers and a blister on my hand. Find out he has hand foot and mouth as my daughter also caught it. Figure I caught it as well

Week 2-4 - still congested with sore throat. Notice tongue seems whiter than normal, but maybe it's just the same as normal. Constantly now looking at tongue and brushing it. Also have red marks near soft palate and tonsils are pretty red.

Week 5-6 somewhere - shoulders neck and face are red, looked like sunburn but not. Not sure why my shoulders were so red. It was like this on and off for a few days then notice a couple red dots, look like i poked myself with a pin around my shoulder, a couple on my chest  and arms. I have noticed a few more of these pop up ever since. There's maybe 15 in total. they are under the skin. look like blood, or a tiny red freckle.

week 6-9 cold/flu like symtoms still going through my house. I have not had any fever or swollen lymph nodes to my knowledge. daughter officially gets hand foot and mouth around week 7. yep, i mustve had it.

Week 9 sore throat returns now with sore ear when i swollow. looks like one tonsil is elongated. go to the doctor who says everything looks fine, however to come back if this stays persistant. im thinking i had strep throat but they dont seem to want to test for it. my whole family, parents and inlaws included has been sick.  i also start getting some irritated hair follicles and ingrown hairs on forearms and chest. Ive always irritable skin,  but not as much as in recent weeks. could be from extra sweating from hockey and work? a couple random tiny blisters came on my fingers and palm, similar to what i had once before when i had hand foot and mouth several years ago.

week 11-12 - sore throat seems to be done, but tonsil still looks elongated now with what looks like a canker sore on it.

could any of this be hiv related?? or more just a viral infection?? the internet is a terrible thing when it comes to reading things....

thanks for taking your time

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Hand to genital contact is not considered as a risk of HIV transmission.
HIV can be transmitted via unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV works in drugs and from mother to child
Take care
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