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2 Oraquick results at 19 months post exposure

How sure can I be from two negative Oraquick results at around 19 months post exposure? I am fairly sure I followed the instructions properly. I have read a lot of non convincing information online about the reliability of these tests. I am worried sick.
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What was your risk event?

The odds of anyone getting 2 false negatives in a row are astronomical. I also suspect you were reading older studies.
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Heterosexual Unprotected insertive vaginal sex (I’m a male). Lasted 30 seconds maybe.
I also got a 4th gen test from Quest at 24 days and it was negative. I know 28 days is conclusive.
There's no way that ALL of those tests were false negatives. You're talking about near impossibilities here.
Move on from this event. You don't have HIV.
Just want to be crystal clear so that I can move on with my life.
4th gen test from quest - 24days post exposure - negative
Oraquick oral fluid test - 18month post exposure - negative
Oraquick oral fluid test - 19month post exposure - negative
I am fairly sure I followed the instructions correctly on the Oraquick correctly and I’ve gotten three STD tests within this time frame, all negative for chlamydia, gonorhea. I don’t have HIV?
I will also add that I had severe “HIV” symptoms around a week before I took the 4th gen test. Fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in throat, groin, and armpits (these lasted a while). If this was HIV acute symptoms, would the 4th gen test have been positive?
I'm not going to keep repeating myself. We don't offer anxiety support.
My last post could not have been more clear.
Ok thank you, I understand. Would you be able to answer my last question about testing a week after symptoms?
It doesn't matter. You don't have HIV. Whatever symptoms you had were not related to HIV.

This is my last response.
Ok, thank you for your time. I apologize for my excessive questions.
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I have been reading the clinical studies done for the Oraquick stating the 91.7% accuracy rate for positive tests. It states "Of the 10 false negatives (2.08%) observed in this study, all were known HIVpositive individuals." Would this mean that these 10 people could've been on ART, therefore they showed up negative? Or would the use of ART not matter with oral fluid?
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"If this was HIV acute symptoms, would the 4th gen test have been positive? This isn't your first flu or cold so it is time to stop going to pieces over this one.
The first step to peace is to stop searching for symptoms cold turkey, and the second step is to stop Googling for death cold turkey.

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