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2 Questions. Any feedback would be appreciated.

1. I had protected anal sex with my HIV+ partner fort he first time in months on Feb 15. I was the insertive partner. Afterward, I made sure the condom was in tact, and it was. It was over three months since we had sex before then and I tested negative. Should I test again because of the protected sex or is there no need?

2. I am a paranoid being, and before I ask what I would like to ask, I will just ask, what does the HIV rash look like? And does it generally cover a large part of the body?

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You didn't have a risk and didn't need the first test. If you have a rash it has nothing to do with HIV. See a doctor if you are concerned about your rash.
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So PROTECTED anal sex (insertive) with an HIV positive partner poses no risk, assuming the condom stays in tact?
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In a two-year study of sero-discordant couples (in which one partner was HIV-positive and one was HIV-negative), no uninfected partner became infected among couples using condoms correctly and consistently at every act of vaginal or anal sex versus 10 percent of those using condoms inconsistently.

Keep practicing safe sex using condoms CORRECTLY and A LOT OF water-based lubricant to reduce the risk of condom breakage.
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