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2 needle stick injuries followed by reactive rapid

On 21 march 2019 Hiv 1/2 Rapid ab- reactive
23 march 2019 WHO algorithm(ART centre) - neg
1st April Tridot-neg
2nd April Tridot-neg
2nd April Cmia antigen antibody(dr lal lab) - neg
6th may cmia(drlal lal) and tridot- neg
8 june cmia(different lab) - neg
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I had two needle stick injuries during my medical training, both of patients i cross checked at that time had negative reports.I also used syringes to flush out debris and stuck food from impacted third molar, last used on 20th March . I brought these syringes from my training hospital and as far as i can remember were new. After 1 year of last needle stick i went for general blood tests which had hiv 1/2 rapid test(in march 2019). It came back reactive. After which i tested in government ART center with WHO serial testing algorithm which had all tests negative. After one week went for tridot test again negative. Then CMIA test again negative. After 35 days of tridot again cmia and tridot negative. Finally after 75 days of 1st test Cmia test again negative. Now my question is that can the 1st test be detecting some subtype which is not detected by further tests which i underwent? I am very much anxious about this as i am about to get married.

On 21 march 2019 Hiv 1/2 Rapid ab- reactive
23 march 2019 WHO 3 test algorithm(ART centre) - negative
1st April Tridot-negative
2nd April Tridot-negative
2nd April Cmia antigen antibody(dr lal lab) - negative
6th may cmia(drlal lal) and tridot- negative
8 june cmia(different lab) - negative

Can there be some subtype which other tests are not able to detect and is detected by first test?
Can CMIA antigen and antibody test detect all subtypes of hiv?
Please help.
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No worries, your needle stick encounters were not risk for hiv. Only hollow needles that you quickly share with others to inject are a risk since hiv is effectively inactivated in air instantly.
I have no idea why you took all those tests but assume it was extreme anxiety. They were a waste of time, because even if you had a risk, you would only need to test once at the appropriate time after the window period ends.
Maybe try a water pik instead of using syringes for your molar, but in any event your mouth is full of air and saliva, each of which inactivates hiv on its own. Therefore whatever you are putting in your mouth is not a risk either.
Consider therapy for your fixation on hiv transmission from objects for 2 reasons:
1. Your medical profession will involve lots of touching, and
2. You don't want to have to keep testing for hiv for no reason.
The two needle sticks one year before the first test were from 2 patients patients while venous sampling. At that point i saw patient file and they had reports with negative. All maternity patients undergo this test and i was posted there.
So 1 yr after this just to clear of my mind i took few tests. And it came back reactive. I was so depressed that I thought i could not live anymore but was effectively counselled.

And after that further tests began which came back negative.

Now its my age to get married and my family is pressuring me to get married. But i don't want to ruin someone else's life. Due to this i have stopped talking with girls even when they approach me.

1ST TEST WAS A 3rd gen rapid test.
After that were 4th gen lab tests.

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If the two patients in question were HIV negative then obviously that first reactive result was a false positive. You can't get HIV from someone that doesn't have it.

Clearly this has been weighing way too heavily on your mind and you are overdue for counseling to help you overcome this problem. Your multiple negative tests prove without a doubt that you do not have HIV. For you to completely shut down your life for over two years about this is very unhealthy.

If this is how you will react to accidents in your chosen profession, you need to seriously consider changing careers. Patients depend on you when they are at their most vulnerable and if you cannot do your job without falling down an anxiety spiral of your own making which causes you to completely shut down your life in this manner, then this is not the right job for you. Get counseling, find a new career, and move on with your life.
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