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2 positive ELISA test eight months before, i took STD profile last week and its NEGATIVE for HIV ELISA...what is this???

i was tested for HIV last march 2007 it came out positive with ELISA twice done...last week i have gonorrhea and the doctor suggested to do STD panel, this time in another hospital,i did not disclose to him about my hiv status but i just simply agreed to do the STD panel... 3 days after i know they will call me to do this and that just like before, but to my surprise, they did'nt,but what was really surprising is my HIV result is negative,i don't know if i should be happy....
i tried to get info on the internet about some stds that can contribute to false positive test,the virusmyth.com for example...and also there is called a window phase???i mean it has been 8 months...i have receptive anal sex with different partners....please,anyone there who had the same situation can you share with me???
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Was a western Blot done at some stage?
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not exatcly same , but i had exposure ,end of march 2007.
up to now 8 negative results.
yes I found out that some facotrs can affect on HIV test ,like driniking too much alcohol or some other antibodies for other disease could conflict and give fake or indefinite result as far as i know ofcurse.
why did nt u do confirmatory test by the time?
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i was given the opt before to do  western blot, but at that time i was so stressed,,,i just let it pass...I don't know i felt relieved,,,but i am currently under treatment for gonorrhea...but for sure i will do the western blot next month or january a 2008 year beginner for me...so weird right????i wish to tell this to everyone about some false positive,so they will not be too much stressed about it like i was befor...i learned my lesson..maybe this is  a second chance given to me...is there someone here,who's hiv positive???
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indefinite results????like you will have these kind of antibodies for the rest of your life???even it cross reacts with hiv test...so meaning hiv testing is somehow,,,i don't know what to say...inaccurate???
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All positive tests have to be confirmed. If you have not had a conformation test then more than likely you don't have HIV. Once someone is positive they always have antibodies.
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thanks teak....as what i heard you have HIV for 20 years, does it bother you that maybe you have antibodies other than HIV not the HIV itself???teak, this is a personal question, but how did you acquired it???through intercourse or through other routes???if you had contact with someone, you can catch HIV for only one sex encounter with that infected partner???
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