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2 weeks could change my result

Guys ;
most of u know about my status, i just want to know is it possible that 2 weeks left from 6 months testing change my result? yesterday i received my 5 months and 15 days negative result.i am afraid it will change till end of the month. any one suggest me to retest in 6 months again?
coz i had all symptons and right now one swelling lymph in my neck,jolting my muscles,shortness of breath and chest pain... beside that i am not feeling comfortable at all.
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let it go man...just let it go....five months and u r still in doubt ???? people serovoncert in 4 weeks...mostly in 6...the rest up to three months is just a precaution to catch the very rare ones who are late...5 months is more more more than enough for anybody to serovonvert...so just enjoy !
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I think he was on PEP, thats why he's waiting for the 6 months. Though i'm not 100% sure.

If not, then yes, his tests would deffinatly be conclusive by 5 months.
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even with PEP....PEP is for 28 days...so he will need 4 months not 5...mitm, u r safe !
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what do u mean bt PEP?
as fars as i know i have got no immune system problem,except catch cold 1 or 2 times in a year...
but the last one took some weeks for fully recovery.
few years ago i got cat disease and my lymph nodes enlarged badly , i took medicen and it finished, is it possible that it cause late antibody producing?
i m not on PEP
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If your not on pep there is no reason for you to be waiting until 6 months. A test at 3 months at the latest would have been conclusive, so your 5 1/2 month test is for sure.

If you trawl the internet for cases of late seroconversion, you will have trouble finding even a few. I looked for hours, and only found a couple, and they where a couple of nurses who took a long time to seroconvert, but it was speculated they had a hepatitis coinfection, and a hemopheliac(sp?) boy, and a man who was 62 years old and on chemotherapy, and this one wasn't even proven. And these where old cases too if I remember correctly. With the new tests there has never been a case of seroconversion past 3 months here in Australia.

"few years ago i got cat disease and my lymph nodes enlarged badly , i took medicen and it finished, is it possible that it cause late antibody producing?"

No its not possible.

You are in the clear for sure.
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Common mate..uve got a 3 months negative..ur fine..u can test for ur own peace of mind..but u will be negative..take care
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i am afraid  they are using some old methods, even though they mentioned it is HIV Ag-Ab(ELISA) Test Method.
IS IT POSSIBLE my body produced antibody but it is not not detectable?
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test for mono rather..u gave all us so much courage..dont let us down now..common..be strong..
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We are Negative.
I Did 23 week test, Thought does cross my mind to retest at 26. Its Now 27, I didnt.
I thought, Rationally, How can 2-3 weeks Make a Difference when 20+ Have Passed Already?

We Were VERY UNLUCKY, Because we Got Some OTHER viral Illness at the Same Time/Or Just After. Hence Anxiety.

But EXTREMELY LUCKY We havent got HIV.

My Symptoms are slowly going after 6 months. The White dots in Mouth are even going after 2 months. My 2 Glands Have Never fully gone down, I guess When they Popped up 3 months ago, they Got "stretched" so Thats why they may never go down fully again.

Hovever the Extreme Stress of it all (and Other Horrible Events)
Has Caused Generalised Anxiety Disorder/ GAD
It causes Hot Flushes/social phobia/Nausea and Sickness/Neuropathy.
Its Subconcious.  

Maybe you Have That too?
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"Antibody production

The body starts to produce antibodies against HIV shortly after infection, but exactly when depends on several factors. Antibodies can usually be detected six to 12 weeks after infection, although newer tests may be able to discover evidence of infection as early as three weeks. Before this time, HIV tests may appear negative - although infection has occurred, antibody levels aren't high enough to be detected".

There have been reports of people, mostly in Africa, testing negative for HIV antibodies when in fact they have the virus. It seems they have a more unusual type of HIV infection.

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modern test now has been improved specialy the use of p24 antigen, Tsk! stop scaring people here i understand that your soures are reliable BUT with today advance and improved HIV test a 12/13 weeks negative is extremely reliable.
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They Mean HIV 2, by unusual type, Including Type O
I tested for O Using Abbott determine

Background to HIV sub-types; In 1994 researchers in Cameroon reported that they had identified a new variant of HIV, named type O, subtypes are not picked up by standard antibody tests for HIV–1.

Sub-type A is found in Central Africa

Sub-type B is the predominant strain found in the developed world amongst injecting drug users and gay men. It is common in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Thailand (predominantly amongst injecting drug users and their sexual partners, although subtype E is now increasingly dominant among both groups).

Sub-type C is found in India, Brazil, Ethiopia, Tanzania, China and southern Africa and is now the most widespread virus on a global scale

Sub-type D is found in Central Africa

Sub-type E is found in the Central African Republic and in Thailand

Sub-type F is found in Brazil, Romania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sub-type G is found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon and Taiwan

Sub-type H is found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon.

"HIV-2 is a cousin of HIV-1. It is generally located in West African countries and sporadically in Asia. There have been less than 100 cases of HIV-2 reported in the U.S. compared to 1 million HIV-1 cases. "     thebody

Hiv 1 tests can detect Hiv 2. 50-80% of the time, Usually as Indeterminate Result

The newer tests detect both anyway.
I have an Insurance screen Coming up in the next few weeks, Inc Hep B/Hep C and HIV Saliva Tests

Obviously they don't know iv done tests already,
it will have been 28 weeks.
I know it will be negative, ( I cant see a DNA PCR/3 months and Ab 23 week test Changing now.
I'll Let you Know.

I obviously don't have Hiv,
5 Specialists Say I can Donate blood/Have Kids/Get Married etc.. Would They Let me go home if they thought I had HIV??

Still a Little Voice in the Subconscious annoys me, aswell as the Cervical Posterior Gland/ Koplik type spots in mouth. Like yousrself, I Most definately Have Had something Wrong, Coinciding with a HIV Exposure. Coincidence not HIV.

I found 166 causes of Lymphadenopathy

1 is HIV

The Rest is GAD, Check it out. I'm Sure your Experiencing the Same as me.
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