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24 HIV test negative

Having taken 24 HIV over a 12 month period your assistance is needed. I experinced hot sweats, wieght lost and a white tongue after having a condom break during sex. I have taken 24 HIV test many of which were well passed the 3 month and 6 month windows. My tongue still has the white coating thus tests has continued. Please advise if antibodies can form late ( after 12 months) and what are your thoughts on PCR test vs antibody tests which i have been taking. Thanks for your help
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" I have taken 24 HIV test many of which were well passed the 3 month and 6 month windows."

You don't have HIV. Three months is conclusive. Everybody has a coating on their tongue from time to time- a person's tongue gives absolutely no indication of their HIV status. It is complete folly to be judging whether you have HIV based on what your tongue looks like and disregarding your test results based on that. I have a white coating on my tongue and I don't have HIV.

You are obviously interpreting a completely normal body feature as thrush, which isn't diagnostic of HIV either. There is not a single symptom that can be used to judge HIV status- the HIV tests are the ONLY way to determine whether you are infected. They are extremely sensitive and accurate and would have picked up antibodies months ago if you were infected.

You have clearly wasted considerable time, energy, and resources obsessing about HIV. My advice is to stop testing and seek a mental health professional if you remain concerned about HIV.
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My latest antibody test are as follows:
8/11/10> negative  
7/12/10> negative
2/24/10 >negative

The possible exposure was 8/3/09.From your response I gathered that negative test trump all symptons. I plan to take one last test on 9/22/10and if it is negative i should be able to drop this and move on.  thanks for replying.
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thanks for your assistance/input:

I praying that the test are accurate and sensitive enough to rule out HIV at this point. With the amount of test I have done passed the window periods it would be very rare for HIV to have  gone undetected right?

I think the hot sweats, weight lost and white tongue are factors I must just  get over ASAP. They keep me wanting to test thus so many test.

I went to an ENT DR and had my tongue checked today and was told it does not look like thrush or a yeast infection. I had a cultrue done a few weeks go and it came back  negative ( nothing grew).

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Now it's time for you to move along. You are conclusively negative.
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The tests tell you that your hot sweats, weight lost and white tongue are not due to HIV. It is IMPOSSIBLE that you have HIV. Test results always trump symptoms. Forget everything that you learned on the Internet regarding symptoms- they are useless in determining HIV status. You need to accept that you are HIV negative or seek professional mental help.
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Thanks for your update/input.  
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