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28 days test

i tested hiv 4th generation elisa test after 35 days unprocted sex is this result conclusive? any further test required?
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Your test is conclusive.  You do not have HIV, and you should move on from that event.
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Anal, oral or vaginal?
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vaginal and oral
Oral is zero risk but the elisa after 28 days test proved you don't have hiv.
some websites claims 45 and 3 months for conclusive so any necessary to retest at 45 days? if yes. any possibility of this negetive result turn positive after 45 days or 3 months?
There is no realistic chance that your test would be positive.  HIV tests are among the most sensitive on the market, for any disease.  The only reason to test out to a maximum of 42 days is if you had an exposure with someone who is confirmed to be HIV+.  Three months is outdated, and is not recommended by experts in the field.
if unknown hiv status of partner?
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