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2nd question on hiv

I posted a couple of questions before, but I am going out of my mind. I'm sorry folks. Like I said I had unprotected sex 11 days ago. I had flu like symptoms 3 days after sex and I know you guys said too early to be hiv symptoms. I just started noticing red pin points on my chest, neck, chin and some on my back. I'm scared they HIV rashes. My lemph nodes are swollen. They also hurt when I look down. I'm soo scared guys that it maybe HIV. What o rashes look like?
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Thanks lizzie.. I am going to go get tested but I have a while until I can. So what do HIV rashes look like. If a person does get infected with HIV do all symptoms come at once? Fever, chills, headaches, swollen lymph nodes etc. I've also experinced lingering headaches and I usually never get headaches.
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ars symptoms come at 2-4 WEEKS after infection and lasts for 1-2 WEEKS.

red pinpoint spots are NOT indicative of a rash associated with infection...and swollen lymph nodes, due to ars, are not painful.

the only way to know one's status is by testing.
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